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We can get your great idea into production.


We maximize customer value and business efficiency.

All-Around Design

Developing & Testing


All Around Design

Centron designs, develops, and integrates the most advance technology into consumer electronic products which helps users to use with joy. Our products are also designed to support diverse operating system: Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. Centron Design is the most ideal choice to fulfill your needs, expand the roadmap, and stand out from competition.

Developing & Testing

With all of our Microsoft and WHQL certified products field testing in more than 20 countries with many first-tier companies, Centron Design continuing deliver outstanding product performance and maximize product compatibility. Our topnotch hardware and software development team dedicating in providing 100% customer satisfaction and ensuring next to zero complaints.


The factories currently used for mass manufacturing are all ISO 9000 qualified. We keep presenting the latest technology and full range solutions to our customers. These are the main factors that are crucial to our success in such a competitive graphics environment. All products have been put through WHQL certification to ensure full compatibility.

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