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Introducing the Next Evolution in Remote Systems Management: Centron Network KVM CT1278

Updated: Jan 11

Centron Network KVM CT1278

Empower Your IT Team with Unprecedented Control and Accessibility

The CT1278 is an innovative Network KVM device that aims to expand the reach of IT specialists from their office room, to virtually anywhere. By using the CT1278, IT engineers and technicians are no longer tied to the server room, and are able to control other systems remotely as if they are physically present. Utilizing both built-in intranet and internet solutions, solving IT problems through a tablet, from the comfort of your workspace, is now possible. The internet solution for CT1278 will be available as a premium service, providing a low latency remote solution from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

Remote Console Access

Access the console of any server or computing device from anywhere in the world. Troubleshoot, configure, and maintain systems as if you were on-site. Make configuration changes and optimizations without needing to be physically present at the machine.

Multi-User Support

Collaborate more effectively with your team. Multiple IT technicians can access and control the same device simultaneously, streamlining troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Powerful Power Management

Take control of power cycles, reboots, and shutdowns remotely. Manage power resources efficiently, saving time and energy costs.

Premium KVM over Internet Service

Enjoy low latency KVM that can be accessed easily from anywhere around the globe, available as a premium service to enhance CT1278 even further.

Benefits for IT Technicians

Increased Efficiency

Save valuable time by managing systems remotely. No need for physical presence, reducing downtime and response times.

Cost Savings

Minimize the need for on-site visits, saving on travel expenses and allowing your team to focus on higher-priority tasks.

24/7 Accessibility

Access and manage your systems from anywhere at any time, providing around-the-clock support and monitoring.


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